Membership in the Michigan Club South is open to all residents in The Villages. Membership dues will

be collected annually.  This year’s dues will be $5 per person which starts in January, 2020 thru December, 2020.

We will begin taking new Memberships in September, 2019. All memberships purchased at this time will end in December, 2020.  

Name Tags are NOT included with your Membership and can be purchased for $6 & sent to our Treasurer, Joel Lemmer.

 Be sure to CLEARLY PRINT the name you want on the tag & the  hometown you want on your tag.  

​     You can join by printing this Membership Form and bringing it with you to the ticket sales.  Please bring CASH

You can also mail in your Membership Form with a check made out to our Treasurer, Joel Lemmer, and send to him at

1248 Tangelo Lane, The Villages, FL 32163 


Name(s) __________________________      ______________________________

Email(s) __________________________      ______________________________

Address __________________________      ______________________________

Phone #(s) ________________________      ______________________________

Village ___________________________      ______________________________

Hometown ________________________     ______________________________

VOLUNTEERS are always needed….PLEASE help us! If your interested, please check

what area you might be interested in occasionally helping us with. It doesn't mean you need

to help each time, but the more volunteers we have, the less any one person has to do.  

We cannot function without help from volunteers, so please help us!​

___ FOOD COMMITTEE                                         ___ TICKET SALES 

___  CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE                                 ___ DECORATING COMMITTE

IDEAS? _______________________________________

  Thank you for your interest in the Michigan Club South!

                   We are looking forward to a fun year!